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Can't place orders

Ok, so i’m using fiverr on my phone (my first time ever using it) and i wanted to buy a gig. When i chose the package i wanted and pressed the order button, then i chose to not upgrade my order and click continue. It took me to a loading screen that says “Order Review” on the top left but the rest of the screen was just the loading wheel. It never stopped. I have waited for it for over 15 minutes but it just wont work. This isn’t even a problem with my internet, my internet works just fine and pretty quickly too. I tried closing the app, opning it again, restarting it, uninstalling and reinstalling it, but it just won’t work. I even tried buying a different gig but that didnt work either. This is currently my screen whenever i try to order:

Please tell me if I’m doing anything wrong as i really want to buy this gig as soon as possible. As i said, I’m completely new so Fiverr so any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks.

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You made no mistake. This is an algorithm problem. Sometimes this is a problem. Try logging in with the phone’s Google Chrome or any website. Want to try with my gig!