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Can't post a request to sellers


I am new on here and have been trying to post a request but for some reason I keep getting a message at the top of the screen saying there is an error and to try again.
I have checked the image size I am trying to send and have changed it from a JPEG to a word doc and then to a PDF file and still I can’t post!
I have signed in using google chrome and internet explorer!
Losing the will to live!
Could anyone advise me please?
Thank you

Can't post a request

Oh wow, pretty sure, this is a trivial issue, no reason to lose a life over it!

Could you post the screenshot of the error you are receiving perhaps?


Sorry, that took a while!


Why don’t you just go directly to a seller?


Because I wanted to post to everyone, Its quite specific and I don’t have time trawling through hundreds of sellers.
I have sent a couple of private messages but That isn’t what I want to do.


Can you try to submit a REQUEST without any attachments?
Does that work?

Because visually to me, everything did look good. And you did state you tried using IE and Chrome.

Have you tried logging OUT and logging back in. After clearing the browser caches?

I have sent an invitation on a relevant topic, hope you go through that as well.


That wo’t work because we have our own idea which is what the logo needs to be based on


Yes, I have been trying to do this all afternoon, as in my initial post, I have tried chrome and internet explorer


Oh I understand that, it was meant for TESTING PURPOSE only. Because you can always REMOVE a post as well.

I would recommend contacting customer support, but I know they will take a few hours for proper response.

In the mean time you could give this a shot?


I did contact customer support but realise it could be a while before I hear back


I removed the attachment but it still says there is an error


FYI as a new user you are only allocated 10 posts ON the forum for the first 24hours.

So if you cannot post anymore, you could try editing the current posts for further correspondence.

Ok do you have another device to try this on?
You can either:
a. Use the Fiverr app
b. Use your mobile browser to login to and post via that as well.


I will have to wait until tomorrow and try again. I need to leave the office now