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Can't Post Buyer Request


How i can Solve That ?

Are you a seller? In that case you shouldn’t post buyer requests but send offers to those requests you think you could do.

If you’re a buyer, I fear you’ll have to tell us how your request looks like to be able to help you, most of us are no remote mind readers :wink:
For example, BRs may not contain personal contact info, you might have wording in it that suggests to some auto-check-program that you’re a seller trying to misuse BR for advertising etc.
The devil often is in the wording, if we knew what your BR looks like, we might be able to guess the ‘offending’ part and suggest what else to write.

Or you could ask Fiverr’s customer support (link in footer of all pages) if you don’t want to post your request here, on a public peer to peer forum.

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Thank You Very much My Dear . Here My Request

I Have A PHP University,School,Company LMS (Learning Management System)
Web Site. There Are Login,Sign in,Signup,Students (Modules,Assignment
Uploading, Downloading,Profile e.t.c.)Lectures, teachers (modules,module
Uploading Assignments Submission View Profile e.t.c).University
Faculties,News,Events,Contact Forms Show In Here And Beautiful Banner
Slider. Sell For Best Offer

What Is the problem

Fiverr is not a platform to sell your site. There are other platforms specifically created for that purpose.

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My Dear How Is It Create ?

Type ‘website for sale’ or ‘buy a website’ into Google and try some of the results you get.

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I’m sorry, but I couldn’t understand your question…

My Dears I Want To Sell My Site. How Can I Do ?

Go there:

Type ‘how can I sell a website’.
Click results that look relevant to you, e. g. Flippa.


Thank You Very Much My Dear … You Both Are Very Helpful guys