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Can't post contact info, which is necessary for my graphic design task


I want a version of my existing logo for the side of my truck that has my existing, already-designed vector logo WITH company name, city/state, and my phone number below it

Fiverr will not let me put my phone number in my work request, so I am unable to clearly tell any potential sellers what to put below the logo.


Maybe it’s against the Fiverr rule to upload your contact to sellers, for security reasons I guess, but if the seller can provide his/hhis email address I believe you can send your full details via email… Incase you need graphics designer to get your project done with rapid delivery I’m available


Cool, thanks. I didn’t realize I would get a chance to give the number
after I pay a seller.

I figure that they don’t allow contact info to keep buyers/sellers from cutting them out of their fee!


Ignore @maryjosdesign’s advice - you’re certainly not allowed to exchange e-mail addresses.

You are allowed to exchange personal information, but only if it is for the purposes of fulfilling the order. See:

Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page. (


It’s just an opinion actually, and thank you for the advice though


I hope you are not exchanging information via emails with YOUR clients.

Please read Fiverr TOS completely, before providing INCORRECT information/advice/opinion to buyers here on the forum.


Nope… Thank you, and I apologise if that’s a wrong opinion / advice


That is 100% against the TOS (unfortunately). Doing something like that gets you banned or suspended. Just be careful, stick to the TOS, and keep selling!

@josephshipley: You’re right on the ball with keeping contact info. I’m sure that’s why they prohibit it. Fiverr’s problem is not their fee, but their restriction of info. Other nameless platforms encourage outside communication, but offer their chat services as a way to record and protect yourself. These other services keep their sellers to keep selling by making sure that the seller is protected, via escrow and moderation services. When I know I’ll get paid, I’ll gladly cough up the percentage as “insurance”


@bolharr2250: sounds fair and reasonable to me!

Your reply to @maryjosdesign is a good example for certain others to heed re: how to politely and respectfully treat people on forums.

Thank you everyone for your help.


If providing your contact information is required for the Gig and the system isn’t letting you send it, just include it in a .doc or .txt file and attach your information that way. As long as it’s for the purposes of the order it’s okay.