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Can't put my requirements [Resolved]


Hi, i’m new here, and i’ve ordered something here.
In the requirements, i have to put the message i want that the person say/write. But when i put the requirements and click “Start Order” it doesnt work, it refresh the page and put me on the same page of requirements.
Is it normal ? my order is still in “waiting for my requirements” but i can’t


Does the seller have a specific requirement that you have not fulfilled, such as a file upload?


“Hey, before I start working on this order I need to receive the following details:
1.Your Message that You wanna write on the board
2.What this Guy and all students will say. (1 to 14 words say for basic )”

So no, but i’ve tried to put a file upload and it’s still doesnt work


Ok, problem solved, it seems to be cause of a banned word, but that was saying nothing so didnt know… sorry