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Can't rank my gigs and not getting any buyer request

Plz, help me to figure out this problem.
I am trying to get more views and impression and clicks on my gigs so that I can rank my gig into the first page. But I am failing it terribly. Tell me or suggest me some so I can bring my gigs on the first page.

And unfortunately, I am not getting any buyer request or orders.Plz help me to figure it out

Thanks in advance


I see your profile you have just one gig you can more create gig in different skill so that you can get more buyer request and second issue share the gig social media every day not it more 2 times after that if you get buyer request you will be finished your 10 offer everyday I think it will be get your first ordered. Best of luck.


I used to have more gigs.I recently deleted all those gigs. I have created this one like 1week ago. I promote my gig everyday on social medias . but I am getting very less views and impressions.
What can i do ??

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Nobody can rank a gig to the first page. It is just a consequence of their hard work.

Rank is based on performance. so if you want a good ranking, you mist perform more sales with very good reviews;

Good luck


I am working so hard.But I am not getting any orders.

Is I am not getting my orders just because of my profile picture??

Same Problem goes with me … i am getting view impressions and clicks but its getting down day by day … in start after publishing the gig i got views and clicks daily and my ranking was improving but now it just got stuck so anyone please help me regarding this issue

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I’m sorry to ask, how are your working hard with no orders? When I said working hard, is delivering a lot of orders with excellent reviews. Answer buyers in time, deliver in time, don’t cancel orders, etc.

Doing efforts to get orders, wont count as working hard.

If you have no order, you have no performance at fiverr. So you can’t say you are working hard to raise your performance and reputation.

What you do outside fiverr doesn’t count as your inside performance.

you profile picture has nothing to do on getting orders. Find your public and promote your services, like any other place outside fiverr.

Creating a gig isn’t the same as getting order. Fiverr is overcrowded of gigs and sellers. If you want to stand out on them, start to do something for. If you don’t know how, I suggest to contract someone who does.

Creating a gig and wait people to come isn’t the answer.

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