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Can't reach support

Hey everyone.
Has anyone opened a new ticket with support recently?
Today, I’ve sent a custom offer to my client and system opened 2 orders instead of 1, so I wanted to contact the CS to cancel one of them. When I click Send the ticket, it says that it was successfully submitted, but it doesn’t show up in my help center and I also don’t get the automatic email (I don’t talk to CS a lot, so I’m not sure if I’ve got email before for submission or only for their answer).

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

I just sent through two requests today, they’ve gotten through and have been already answered…

Did you get a confirmation mail that your ticket has been received?

No, I didn’t get that.

Ok I always get a confirmation mail… Maybe try again?

yea, I received it too, a few months back, when I contacted them. I tried twice and it’s not going through. I will try to send it to a different category and we’ll see.

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Best of luck! :crossed_fingers:

Heh, weird, I tried to open the ticket 3 times, didn’t work, then I tried to open it under different sub-category > didn’t work, now I tried to open it in Features category and it got through. :smiley:

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Haha sounds like a bug! Anyway, I’m glad it worked out :slight_smile: They have been responding to me very quickly lately.

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