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Can't reactivate paused gigs form desktop

Hi! I recently paused a gig and when I tried to reactivate it, the option just wan’t there. The checkbox next to the gig tittle only shows preview, edit, delete and add video. Reactivating wsn’t available in any place of the editing section too.
But also, I tried it on the mobile app, and there it was possible to reactivate it with no problems.

Not sure if it’s only me, but hey, I report it


Yeah - it’s confusing.

Tick the box on the left of the gig. The choice to activate will then magically appear above the gig list on the right …


Oh you are right. well, I didn’t even seen that box on the left. I think reactivate option should be on the checkbox anyway. Thanks anyway!

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What if that choice does not appear?