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Can't reactive my gig

Hello, i can’t reactivate my gig, only the delete button appears when i click on the checkbox on the left, any idea why?
thanks in advance

here how it looks on my end


Try the dropdown on the far right of the gig line.

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is the same, the option don’t show :frowning:

Clarification, please:
You can’t click the dropdown, or the dropdown doesn’t have more options?


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the dropdown menu dont have the option, here a screenshot.

Both gigs are like that?

Maybe go into ‘Edit’? You might have something that still needs to be filled out.

already try that, my gig was enable and running before i disable, some days ago y choose disable because family issues, but now i want it back :frowning: maybe the most faster solution is delete and create a new one

Your gigs appear to be paused.

You click on Paused.

Normally you can then click on the checkbox to the left of the gig and an “activate” button will appear above it. You can then activate it.

This appears to be a bug.

so, anyway to fiverrr team develop can address this issue?
i am on Google Chrome Versión 85.0.4183.121 (Build oficial) (64 bits) on windows 10, AMD ryzen 5

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well, is more easy and fast create a new one gig, anyway thanks all of you by help me.

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