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Can't register a Japanese phone number for account verification

Japanese mobile phone numbers all begin with 0, but numbers beginning with 0 are not allowed during set-up of a new account…

As far as I know, many countries’ mobile numbers do start with a 0 (the ones in my country definitely do, in any case, and I managed to register my number); when you use the number internationally, you drop the 0 and use country prefix (+81 for Japan) and then your mobile number without the 0.

I think Fiverr chooses your country already for you based on your IP, so maybe just try entering your mobile number without the 0. You should get an SMS to your phone to confirm, so you’ll know if it worked.

  1. Turn off any VPN in use.
  2. Clear all your cookies or at least the ones for Fiverr.
  3. Do the same with cache.
  4. Restart your browser. Look to see if that fixes your problem. If not, do the same steps and also restart your computer before you restart your browser.

I think it will be helpful for you.
Thank you.

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Please clear your browser history, cookies and cached, then try again hope it will work

Of course I tried that. Japanese phone numbers need the 0. But, Fiverr doesn’t seem like it’s able to accommodate my field anyways, so it’s alright.

If you tried to enter the number without the 0 (I understood that Japanese phone numbers need the 0, German ones too, normally) and it didn’t work, in case you used a keyboard with num pad to enter the numbers, you could try using the numbers in the upper row, that worked for some people. Else, you could still ask Fiverr’s customer support. I know there are Japanese sellers here, so they must have managed to input their phone numbers somehow. But if you don’t want to try registering anymore now, good luck with your other endeavours!

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