Cant reply messages


I cant reply messages at all.
What the hell I need to do?
Fivverr costumer service are not responding


Did you send messages to people asking for help or sales?


I sent them a question if they could help me with an app development through Fivverr…


Did you send it to many sellers?


yes. So what should i do next?


Did you try by clearing browser cookies and cache?


Tried…not made any change


Customer Support usually responds within 24 hours. In my experience, that’s in nearly all cases I needed them, often they replied within a few hours.
Did you send a ticket via the zendesk system or a direct email? Ticket system is supposed to work faster.


If you sent it to many sellers, they have blocked your messages possibly.


Do not keep sending more messages to customer support. You will have to wait for them to answer.