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Can't reply to my gig requests because of Fiverrs new feature

Fiverr has a new feature. When someone replies to my gig request and goes “offline” this message now apears-:^^^^^^^^^^^ may not be contacted at this time". This now makes it impossible to make replies when the other party goes offline.

That sounds more like a Fiverr account being ‘disappeared’ than going offline - sellers can always be messaged whether they’re online or not.


It’s not. Had it happen 3 times today all within 10 minutes of the sellers responding to my request. All 3 of these sellers could not be messaged.

Have you checked to see if their profiles are still visible?

Don’t mind, I just laughed so hard after reading your thread! Sorrrryyyy… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

BTW, They are offline? Nope, that isn’t the case.
There are two possibilities,
Either that individual spammed that message over many sellers like you, so system marked that as spam, so you can’t reply!
Or their account disappeared from


Profiles still visible. When hitting the “contact” button the message “*********** may not be contacted at this time” at the bottom of the conversation.

Account has NOT disappeared AND they have not spammed.

Then, it’s something happening to you and you only. Contact Customer support and when they solve the issue, kindly share with us! We may learn somthin’ new! GL

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Nope, when the Fiverr member is offline I get the message at the bottom of the conversation. When the Fiverr member in online conversations can be responded to. This makes responding to most requests impossible when the member goes offline. This really sucks.

That’s why I recommended contacting CS. Because, as far as we know, there is no relation between people going offline and unable to send a message!

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He is quite a hard learner :wink:


Have you sent messages to a lot of people - particularly the same message?
It sound like it may be you who is being blocked as a spammer.
Contact CS to see if they can unblock you.