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Can't Reply to Someone Because of their Privacy Settings



I just received a message this morning from a gentleman in Vietnam, evidently about ordering something. I would love to reply to him, but I can’t because it says “for privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.”

What can I do?

Also, is this going to mess up my 100% response rate if I don’t reply!?

Thank you!


It’s not their privacy settings. That person broke the rules, and got his messaging disabled because of that.


I had the same problem yesterday. Spent an hour trying to figure out how to respond to someone who was private and had to give up. Today I see they lowered my response rating.


Oh, okay. Thank you.

Hopefully my response rate will remain unaffected.


Response rate is buggy, anyway. And only you can see it.


Well, evidently only we ourselves can see that, so we should be fine.


It lowers your response rate even though you wasn’t able to respond. Contact CS in order to have it reset.


The response rate is buggy anyway so don’t worry about it. Just respond to everything you can and that one no-response event will be diluted.


Thanks, I’d worried about my response rate as I had same problem with a buyer.