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Can't reply to the buyers

Sadly, I am unable to reply to the buyers. Is it a bug?
This is happening on app as well. The message disappears after refreshing


Same thing happening with me


Same here. It’s a bug i think


Same problem what is the solution

I even con not communicate with my buyer properly :joy:

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I think it’s a global problem. I cant get through to buyers as well.

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Same here, I just delivered some work, and it doesn’t show at all.

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contact support now.

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Yeah… I am receiving notifications but when I click on it, the message is nowhere to be found.

Oh my, I was sending a revised file to the buyer and it disappeared too :frowning:

same here i don’t what’s happening …yesterday was facebook and instagram and now it’s fiverr

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Let’s contact support? It seems to be a global problem.

Yes, I’m having issues too.

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Yes we all should do that :frowning:

I swear! :confused:
Maybe zombie apocalypse?

Same issue here too. I hope they’ll fix it soon.

I already did, better for everyone to contact them, so they will see how huge an issue is.
I’ve got few orders that should be delivered in 2-5 hours, and I can’t. Yay!

Notification just keep showing whatever I send it’s not being sent to client. I experienced the same issue on both Mobile app and website.

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