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Can't Respond To Review


So, a buyer left me a review which I can’t see until I leave my review first BUT it’s not letting me leave a review.

Every time I leave a review and refresh the page it asks me to leave a review again without actually showing what review the buyer left. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?


When I try to leave feedback through the mobile app it shows me an error saying “failed to send feedback”.


It fixed itself. Weird.


This happened to me two days ago but it sorted itself out pretty quickly the same day. I ended up getting multiple notifications for the same review once I’d finally managed to leave mine :stuck_out_tongue:


There are a few other forum users who’ve already created a couple of forum posts on this issue. It looks like it is a bug which sorts itself out in a couple of hours/days.


It’s been over an hour for me. Let’s hope it fixes itself in a few hours.


I can confirm this error. It has occurred here on my end as well.


It’s fixed on my end.


Same problem :expressionless:


I got like 7 notifications of the buyer leaving a review. This is rather worrying


I just faced the same issue 5 minutes ago, and it still hasn’t refreshed yet, I’ve been also noticing that after coming from out of office mode my gigs were getting lower and lower in the listing even if I was making enough sales.


it happened with me with last order but some minute later it works in my case…!!