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Can't Review Sellers Work

I’ve had a pretty ongoing lengthy project going. During all that time I’ve not reviewed it.

I wanted to leave the review to the end.

Well I received delivery and completion of the last illustration but no way of being able

to review the project.

How can I leave a review for the seller? I want to leave them a good review but have no

means with which to do this.

The seller can’t mark the orders as complete, he/she can only deliver them. If the buyer doesn’t request a modification or mark the order as complete by leaving a review, the order is automatically marked as complete 3 days after delivery by the Fiverr’s system.

Okay I’ve found the TO DO but there is nothing in there for me to write a review.

All jobs are done and completed. Is it possible that the seller set the project to complete long before the job was actually completed as I ordered everything in advance mid March?

Thanx for your replies.

The project was completed a few days ago.

Where do I find the To Do List? How do I get from a-b so I can make that review?

Awaiting Review is dimmed so I can’t click on this to make the review.

At some point shortly after completion of the order you should get a message asking you to review your experience with your Seller. How long ago was your order delivered?

You can only leave a review up to 30 days after the order was marked as “complete”. After this period, a review cannot be left.

If the period hasn’t passed you can also check your To Do list.

I click on review but nothing happens!

Hello everyone. Has anyone found a way around this; dropping a review after the Fiverr system has automatically completed the order?

“verstehen” lol. Should have added a nix…

Hi Everyone!

Can a buyer leave a review on automatic completed order after auto completion ?