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Can't "Save&Continue" the Scope&Pricing part

I am unable to Save&Continue, I have tried multiple browsers but It didn’t worked. I am stuck and can’t post my first gig…


Check if there’s some on-screen message and that you’ve filled in everything required. eg. if you’ve selected 3 packages, make sure the price of the standard is more than the basic one, etc.


I also can not Save & Continue from the Scope & Pricing. Until now I had no problem. I have checked every thing multiple times but it is just stying there and will not proceed. I tried changing rates and Extras but nothing works it won’t leave the page as if something is wrong but I can not find anything wrong.

Thank you in advance,
Nir Ladany.

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Try using Chrome if you’rer not already and re-trying the save and continue. If you can’t see any error/warning on screen maybe reloading the page might help (ctrl f5) or removing cookies and retrying. Maybe try less characters in some of the fields. If that doesn’t work you could see whether it’s the extra that’s causing the problem by maybe removing it and seeing if you can save it then (you could try re-adding it afterwards).

You could also show the screenshot to CS in a support ticket and see what they suggest.

I am facing the same issue ! And I am new to fiverr. Please help me with this, I would appreciate your time.

what type of device do you use??

Windows PC Laptop. I use desktop.

Oh, I wouldn’t now I’m sorry, but try clearing browsing history + cache

delete all cookies and browse history hopefully you can solve this problem