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Can't Save & Continue

Losing my mind. I start a new gig, get to Overview, then get to Pricing. All good.

But then if I click SAVE AND CONTINUE, just just sits there. No errors, nothing. I’ve tried 3 different browsers (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox). I’ve deleted and started over 7 or 8 times, trying to different things each time. i’ve tried to eliminate any characters from the text that might be illegal. I’ve tried being as minimal in my choices and as complex as possible.

Nothing seems to work.

And if I click cancel / go back to Overview, then I get stuck at Overview and can’t get back to Pricing.

It’s all very frustrating.

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I am experiencing the same issue…

Same issue! Report it to customer support.

Just reported!

Any update? I got a cookie cutter response that I need to clear my cache… even though I tried it on three devices.

Same issue. I am upset and furious.