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Can't scroll up to see my conversations?

newbie here !
I’m having problems trying to scroll up to see the start of a conversation in messages.

When i open a message it automatically scrolls to the bottom and I cannot see a way to scroll up to see that start of the conversation (or more importantly download attached files).?

I am using google chrome but have also tried safari , but unfortunately the older version of safari I have wont even let me onto Fiver website (?)…
am I missing something or is it just not compatible with a (slightly) older computer?


Actually chat in chat the most message is shown first. To see older messages you need to scroll up…!!

What problem are you facing regarding downloading ? Try to clear cache and login again, may be this will help you out!!

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yes that is what i said- that I cannot scroll up to see older messages…

that contain download links…
that i cannot see…
because I cannot scroll up !!

clearing cache has nothing to do with it.

Is there any staff come on here that can help ?

You have to contact customer care for that…!!

Ah ok- I will do that.
thanks !