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Can't see Activate Gig Option for Paused Gig

Screenshot 2020-09-30 160055
Does anyone know how I can activate my paused gig?
Activate Gig option isn’t visible!


If you use Android mobile app this should be available to you.

Viewing Gig statuses on the mobile app

Note: This feature is only available on Android.

To view statuses on your Gig:

  • From the main menu, click My gigs .

In the My Gigs page, you have the following statuses:

  • Active: These are your Gigs that are currently available in the Fiverr marketplace.
  • Paused: These are your Gigs that are not available. You can select these Gigs and make them active. If they contain video, they will need to be approved first.
  • Draft: These are the Gigs that you haven’t published yet.

To take action on a Gig:

  • Select the Gig and then select an action (e.g., Activate , Pause , or Delete ). Note that Gigs can’t be created through the app at this time.

Maybe you have not linked your phone number with your fiverr account as I had the same problem as you which got fixed after adding my phone number

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Can’t do that.
I am using PC also have IOS app.
is their any way to do that on fiverr,com or IOS app?

Is the screenshot from desktop or iOS?

Did you try different browser?

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Desktop. Using Chrome

I have verified Contact No.

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Also tried Firefox. Same issue.

Where does this screenshot come from?


My paused Gigs show something different.


From main profile page:

here is Gig page:
Screenshot 2020-09-30 163654 Screenshot 2020-09-30 163709
The one I want to activate is not even showing other option but only edit.

It could be that your Gig was paused so long so that it can not be activated again. :thinking:

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Might be!
btw, Thank you for your help.
Really Appreciate that :v: