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Can't See Any Buyer Requests Pls Help


I can’t see any buyer requests??? Can anyone please help?

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You are ranked as a “New Seller”. As I understand it, new sellers have extremely limited access to Buyer Requests. I imagine this is Fiverr’s way of encouraging New Sellers to focus on marketing and promoting their gigs, instead of expecting Fiverr to provide free sales.

I am also of the opinion that, by limiting the buyer requests that New Sellers see, Fiverr is helping to remove BR spam (since New Sellers – the actual new sellers – are usually the ones spamming BR to begin with). :wink:

Once you earn Level 1 again, you should see plenty of Buyer Requests that you can respond to.


Good Day,

I’m still stuck at level 1 even though I’ve received a fiverr notification message that I have been promoted to level 2.