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Can't see any orders



I just got home and checked my account to see if I got new order but for some reason I can’t click on the “Messages” button, nothing is happening when I click it. Also when I go to my profile I can’t see my gig, just the reviews and on my dashboard I can’t see any order. On my phone everything is working fine. I just want to know if there are other people that have this problem or if it’s just me.

Thank you,


Yes, others have it as well, whole bodies are gone from all my pages, the analytics only consist of a footnote right now, looks like an unplanned maintenance.

For messages, you could try the app, I just replied to a review I got some minutes ago and it´s being displayed, the message I sent on desktop just in the moment everything went blank, seems lost.


Oh okay, thank you! Hope they will fix it soon!