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Can't see available now option on my account

Hi, everyone,
I can’t see available now feature on my account. I got my first review (4.4) therefore, I can’t even send offers in buyers request.

What should I do to get noticed?

please watch youtube video or check fiverr support center

Okay. I’ll contact fiverr customer support. Is this feature available for every user?


I also contacted support for this issue and they replied the system is in BETA testing right now and not everybody has access to it so that is why not everybody has that available!

Okay. Right now i’m in hibernation phase (can’t reach buyers on my own). I have been waiting for the buyers to contact me. I can’t make use of buyers request. My rating is below 90%. What should I do?

My suggestion after visiting your profile is improving on your gigs description and preview, creating new gigs if available and working around the price range of the services to have a cheaper option with less tasks or an expensive one for a one package option maybe! Keep on doing your best and your buyers will show!

I cannot make it active for their failure of “High completion and satisfaction scores”, but everything is good in my status but this is actually red and I cannot use that option for a long time.

Yes, I’m working on my gigs. I can create three more gigs. I was thinking of services I can offer.
Would you suggest something for images?

Buyers request is a really good way to reach out potential buyers. Try using it if you want to make the most of your account.