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Can't see Buyer Requests


I can’t see buyer requests in my account. How can I see them and how will I get order if i can’t see requests and send proposals…???

Zaraq Iqbal



My advice is to check the entire day , the “buyers request list” . They appear and dissapear very quickly, and i think the list is based on your “gig tags”. So check and rewrite the tags to be more good and maybe you ll have luck.

Best Wish


This may help.


I am also having the same problem. I hope to see buyer requests ASAP. :slight_smile:


Read the article above your post and learn why you may not be seeing any or many BR.


@vickiespencer you are a saint for responding to the million of these same posts.


There are many more :angel: than I who respond to these questions. I started to list them, but I was afraid I would forget someone. But those who respond very often know who they are! :wink:


I can not see any buyer request. But previous time I saw a lots of buyer request. Plese suggest me. What I will do?


I’m also facing same problems…


may be social media marketing is powerful. It will be overcome by SMM and promote the service.


I have the same problem… as well as I get php related request which is not my type job


Hey guys, when i opened my first gig. I faced same problem. but Don’t worry it will pop up soon. Try to make more than 1 gig. Thank you.


I also do not have “Buyer’s Request”


how can help me I can not see any buyer request!!!


Also facing same problem and its really very irritating.