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Can't see "Buyer Requests"

I read about this wonderful section under “More” option. I wasn’t able to see it since last week, then it magically appeared on Fiverr site showed on my Chrome browser. I was delighted like a little child at Christmas Eve. I already knew this section because I could see it via Fiverr app.
Then, suddenly as it appeared, today Buyer Requests was gone again.
I can’t see nothing else other than “Messages”.
Do you have the same problem or is just me?

I am not that old on Fiverr but i noticed this “issue” as well.

  1. Might be due to your low rating.
  2. You are a new seller (like me)
  3. There’s no buyer requests for your “service” yet.

If you mean you can’t find More - just reduce the zoom in your browser settings on the right hand side.

If not: Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ’s, Times, Issues Etc.)

Well I joined Fiverr Community yesterday and I arleady sent my first 10 Buyer Requests
It works just fine…
I think you should be more active and check the buyer requests (refresh) every 1 hour
Because if there is low demand in your service if you are not quick you might miss them


You were right! Thanks a lot


(My experience) When I was open 2-3 gig, at that time I got 0 buyer requests. But when I was created all my gig in 1 weak I got 50-100 buyer requests some time 0 requests. And I got level 1 in 15 May. After that I got 1900+ buyer requests.

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Thanks for good suggestion…It was same problem for me too…from now I will follow your suggestion…

Same problem

Buyers requests are strange and you should take them as such.

One moment I have 50 requests, I click refresh, 10, refresh 2. Then again 50, then again 5, then I apply to what is visible.
I refresh refresh. Nothing.

I am down to my one offer.

I click refresh 134 requests, each right up to my alley.

So, go figure.

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Buyer Request is like the Come And Go Room of Harry Potter. One moment is there, one moment is gone and you might never know why.

Sometimes I find 50 requests, I refresh the page and there’s none. It’s a “Carpe Diem” place where if you find a job that interests you, you better place your offer immediately because it might not be there 30 seconds later.

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ahah oh, my. Come and Go Room killed me :slight_smile:
Yeah, I get it: you should be extra fast to grab a buyer request.
But I was having a “techinical” (or, better said: dumb) issue with my browser. So thank you everybody for your reply, it’s always interesting to face others experiences.

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Same problem, not getting any buyer request.