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Cant see buyer requests?

hello there,

I used this site ages ago and always found so many buyer requests.

Upon creating an account a couple of days ago I cant see any at all and this is under the categories of: Social Media Design and Album Covers.

Is there a bug or something or am I not seeing something right to filter some in?


Buyer requests are only really visible when you have a 90% approval rating … something like 4.7 star average …


Congratulations to your birthday. :champagne:

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Thank you for the advice!

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Thank you!
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Oh, hey… I know this is off-topic, but @blavaro just made me aware of this… so… Happy Birthday!


Same off topic, but Happy birthday! Thank you for all the useful threads and for your work here.

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You must keep a rating of 4.8 at least to get buyer request .

Stay online and keep refreshing it will show up :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks very much non gender specific guys … :blush:

I do not see buyer request regular, weekly one day i got

“Non gender specific guys”? I assume you are thanking all of us, but doing so without a reference to gender? One or more commas, or parenthesis, though, may have helped clarify your comment. :wink:

I assume you meant: “Thank you very much guys (non-gender specific)”.

The way you wrote it suggests that us guys have no gender. Just saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most of the people are not getting buyer requests maybe it is officially something wrong.

Supply and demand.

There are hundreds of new sellers all pursuing a possibly-small ‘supply’ of requests.

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