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Can't see client's feedback

After completing an order, my client’s left a review but I can’t see it even after me rating the client.
Also, the notification menu kee highlighting “Rate your experience to view their feedback”.

What to do?


Contact customer support, maybe it is a bug.

That has happened to me before, I think it’s a bug. Try to rate him again and just wait. If after a few hours it’s still the same, contact CS.


Actually, site is under maintenance this time so it’s causing lots of bugs on this site with the sellers and with the buyers too… May be it willbe solved by this week. Whole fiverr community is facing this type of bugs.

Thank you all! I will wait until maintenance is over.

Yeah I noticed the same in the mobile app. Not sure if the same issue occurs on the website.

It’s a bug. It happened to me before. Entire site is buggy as hell this week. The seller also rated my work and on notification, it shows that the buyer rated my Gig 5 stars, but on order completion page, it shows extreme low rating. I checked, it is a visual bug, but all of these bugs I found this week, it’s annoying.