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Can't see entire message

I’m new here, but I have worked online for years. I cannot open a message that was sent to me for a gig. I have only purchased gigs in the past - and decided to do my own. So… I set up 2 gigs and got my first reply/message in a day. But I can’t respond! I cannot open the message, when I went to “To Do” and saw the message there, I clicked respond and the whole thing disappeared! Can anyone help me and tell me how to read the message? I don’t want to keep this person waiting. I have sent a support ticket but don’t want to wait until tomorrow for an answer. Thank you, anyone who can help.

Thanks for replying, I feel better. Unfortunately, it was not an order, but it was somebody telling me that had a task for me, to please reply quickly, and if I can do the task then… and that’s all I could read. There was no way to read the entire message. When I clicked on it, I only got a note at the top of the page saying I could not contact the person directly. But I didn’t want to contact them, I only wanted to read the message. And as for the disappearing act; I’m guessing it’s a glitch, but a business as big as fiverr should have a better system altogether. This was supposed to be my first gig and I’m thinking this site may just not be for me. :frowning:

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I didn’t know that - I wish there were instructions, somewhere. Thank you so much, you have been a great help.

Im currently having exactly the same problem. I signed up 1 week ago and i have 2 messages, which i think are requests that i cant open. I have gone through all the same motions as you too.

Bachas85 if the message has been blocked as spam, is there not any way to unblock that filter ? or mark the message as safe?

i had my first customer but i cant open it! CURSE YOU FIVERR!! PRIVACY FILTER AND STUFF !!

Wait Problem SOLVED!!

Right click on the message and click inspect element to see the full conversation

if you cant find PRESS CTRL+F to Search, Search the word that is on the message then you will see the conversation

This only works with chrome or Firefox latest version…

I have a similar problem, i cannot view or respond to customers on delivered orders, i cannot see their request or comments, only by mail or by my phone but i cannot answer!!! here’s a screenshot…i only can see a blank page when i try to see the order, this is bad because if they request a modification or a questions there’s nothing i can do…i do not want to ignore customers and receive bad reviews just for a fiverr glitch…i only see the deliver again button but anythin else…where’s the instructions or the chat box? i know theres is more because i can see by mail or by phone…i need urgent help!!!

Try using the Deliver Again button. You really don’t have to re-deliver anything but it may open a way to message your buyer. Also, if you are using add-ons / extensions with your browser, disable them temporarily to see if they may be causing the problem.