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Can't see feedback at all

Okay so with the recent rating system change I stopped seeing feedbacks at all. I’ve been leaving the buyer reviews but they don’t seem to go through, abd I can not see their feedbacks. (Both on pc and mobile)
Bug? Anyone else experiencing this?

A buyer just left his feedback and I cannot review him either.

Seems like its not just you!


yeah i also can’t see the buyer review and also there have no option for feedback to buyer.

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It doesn’t seem to be going through - what browsers are you all using?

Chrome on computer and Safari on mobile

I heard the Chrome browser works well with Fiverr. I guess it is an issue from Fiverr.


Update: It is now possible to see your review of the buyer but still not theirs, maybe it’s a sign that this is getting fixed :crossed_fingers:

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yes im having the same problem