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Can't see feedback/reviews

As a seller I see my clients’ feedback on my profile, but how do I make it so that I can see the feedback I leave for them? I’d like to thank them and list what I did for them so that it can be on my profile too.

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Feedback you provide isn’t visible on your profile page. Just on each specific gig page. So, click on your gig, look at the reviews and you will see the feedback that you leave.

Thanks! One more question, can I edit the feedback I sent?

Of course! Just visit the order page and beneath your Feedback you will see “Modify your Review”.

Thanks for replying so fast. I’m looking at the order page and can’t find the option to modify my feedback, I’ll keep looking for it but does anyone have a picture or a video of it?

Here @rockbellstudios

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does it matter how long ago I finished the gig? I don’t see the option on older gigs (+3 days ago). I guess this is why I can’t edit the feedback.

It’s been 24-48 hours since i gave the review. I don’t know about the maximum time of re modifying the review! :confused:

well, thanks! I’ll make sure to be more specific with my feedback in the future.