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Can't see my completed gig on genealogy

Can anyone help me to see my completed gig on the genealogy page? It’s all good, just not posting! Thanks

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I see it fine.

Thank you! Can you please tell me WHERE you see? Under which category? thanks.

Actually it’s not showing where it should be in the search results. However, it would still be visible on your profile. Did you recently edit anything in the gig?

It can take a couple of days to show in search, but it shows under your name

Thank you for your response. Yes, I have been making changes and fine tuning it. I heard back from Fiverr, and they told me to wait about 24 hours as my gig has to be approved before it’s launched by them. I’m going to leave it alone now! LOL

Call me anxious!
Thanks again,

Thank you!! I appreciate the feedback. :heart_eyes:

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