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Can't see my delivery on desktop

I’m having a weird issue where I can’t view my delivered files on my desktop. I can see the delivered files on my mobile app though. Also something to note, on my desktop it shows that I submitted my order requirements, however they are all blank like I didn’t actually type anything. On the mobile app it does show what I typed though, and the seller obviously saw it too as he delivered my order and it turned out awesome. Problem is I need the delivery files on my desktop, not my phone. I’ve tried 3 separate browsers on my home PC and made sure there were no adblock, firewall, etc coming into play. I also can’t see them on my PC at work either, which means it’s an issue on Fiverr’s end. I’ve already submitted a request to Fiverr and asked the seller to try resending the files through a PM to see if they appear that way, just wanted to post here as well to see if anyone has had this issue or if there is a known fix to speed up the process as this is a time sensitive order and I’d like to have my files on my PC sooner rather than later. Thanks in advance for any help!


I recently had one buyer who told me they couldn’t download the file I sent, two orders in a row, and just one buyer, so it seems to be a “selective bug”.
I attached the files in the “chat box” then, from where they could download them without issues, so asking sellers - preemptively, already when you order - to attach the files both on the order page and in chat could work as a workaround to not lose time until support can fix that for you.
You’ll notice when you’ll be able to download them from the order page again and can stop asking for delivery “via both channels” then.

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