Can't see my gig in search


I can’t find my gig through searching in Fiverr. I also search with my username too. But I don’t find my username listed in the search result. If nobody can’t find gigs…how I can sell my gigs. Where is the problem? Should I change some setting on Fiverr? What should I do? I need help. Pls help me.


I actually find my gig in Fiverr. I am very very sorry for that but I can’t find my profile when I search with my username.


Well Kajol… here’s the thing… We didn’t want to tell you but… you no longer exist. Don’t think of it as dying, think of it as living somewhere else. Living, part 2 (if you will). In fact this is Heaven. Let’s take an inventory:
The walls are white…
No one curses…
Moderators help you to better understand…
and no one seems to be aging.

Now, I realize that you probably assumed Heaven would be more than this. You were probably thinking it would be all, listening to Jimi play the guitar and fun nights watching early, uncivilized man projected on a cloud. But on the bright side you could have gone to the other place that sellers go to… I believe they call it “car sales.”

Enjoy the ride man.