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Can't see my gig in the search

i searched all my gigs in all pages but nothing … like nothing at all 25 pages , but when i type my whole TITLE it appears, why is that?


@walidbendz It can happen if your gigs are new or not optimized in search as it’s not showing all available gigs in search results. That’s normal and when you type your whole gig title it should show your gig because that title in search may be the only one or there a few like that :slight_smile:

they are bout 3 to 4 days old , are they still new? xD

In search, Yes :slight_smile: Just be patient and make sure your gigs are eye catching and fully describe what you are offering clearly and wait. Share your gigs in relevant social medias to get social media clicks and that might helpful to your gigs more searchable

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It may happen sometime. Theres nothing for worry.