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Can't see my profile in public mode

Can’t see my profile in public mode when I click the “view in public mode” it just refreshes.


I noticed that too! It must be a :bug:.

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Hi @shefali_parvin

Please, don’t do that unless you are a team. Value your health, it’s for your own good.


It’s mean I should not use auto refresh on browser? Is it really harmful for my account?

Auto refresh will cause problems while using Fiverr.


No @shefali_parvin, it means you must sleep, eat, rest your body and have spare time for mental health. Not sleeping puts your health at risk.

Not resting nor sleeping properly, deprives the body from many things and is harmful for your health - mentally and physically. I won’t go into details but not sleeping, and just to mention a few:

  1. Dehydrates your body what in turn raises your sugar levels. Therefore, in the long run, increasing the chances for you to become insulin resistant.

  2. Depletes your organism of magnesium and complex B vitamins which, among other things, are essential for the nervious, cardiovascular, muscular & skeletal systems.

  3. Acidifies your body due to the lack of magnesium, and in turn of calcium, which are alkaline elements that the body needs to restore pH balance.

  4. Body reparing functions can’t be done because most of them are done during sleep time.

  5. Your performance and alert system get compromised and you give space to anxiety which leads you to sickness.

I really wish people would understand the importance of resting and having a proper sleep and stop this nonsense of being 24 hours online. Please, STOP listening to that kind of advice that only goes against you, as it compromises your health.


Same problem happened with me from today.

I have a feeling anyone asking about staying online 24 hours a day isn’t planning on actually staying online 24 hours day - they’re wanting to use software to make it look as if they’re online 24 hours a day, even if they’re not. :wink:


Oh well, in that case they’re risking their account :wink: :smiley:

Any way it is seen, it’s a bad idea to follow the 24/7 advice :laughing:

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Don’t try to do that. You don’t need to be online 24 hours. Why? People are going to be mad at you if they think you are online when you are not. It doesn’t help you get sales either.


Chrome extensions :wink:

Me too! is that a Bug?

However, the Fiverr site does not work if a user uses auto refresh software. The site will log you out and make you prove you are not a robot in order to log back in.