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Can't see rating unless I rate buyer


So I completed a gig and the buyer has marked it as complete. When I go to see the review it is saying that I will be able to see it once I have rated the buyer. This hasn’t happened before, and quite honestly, leaves me unsure on how to rate the buyer, as I usually respond to their review.


It’s a new blind review feature.


Yes this is new update by fiver r.


I thought as much, but couldn’t find any information.


Another ridiculous update, unfortunately.
But I wonder, if you won’t post your review what will happen then? You won’t get the score at all? It will be frozen somewhere? How does it work?


I have read that they become visible after 10 days if you don’t post a rating and a review. I can’t confirm this, but this is what people are saying.


OK, I get it, so it will appear there in my comments anyway but I won’t be able to react there because after 10 days posting a review will be blocked anyway. Ohhh, Fiverr…


This is a new feature, but I think we better focus on the best work, then post whatever the buyer evaluates. If we get good results from our business and if we get bad reviews then it’s a whip to learn to be better. You guys are amazing friends.


i also complete an order but i cant see any thing on the order marked page. there is no option to review the buyer


This feature is ridiculous, quite frankly. Just recently, I wound up saying “Thank you :)” and the buyer left me a poor rating saying they didn’t receive their order, even though they did. Now I can’t go back in and properly respond to what they’re saying. My comment makes it seem like I’m an oblivious seller. :confused:


hhahhahahhaaaa :joy::joy::rofl:


That really sucks! I get so anxious on completion of my orders and struggle with what to say, because you never do know!