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Can't see review without leaving one

I just yesterday made a new post about not being able to cancel for any reason without getting your rate lowered. Today I have another good one - You work your tail off, you deliver- and OVER deliver. You do 5 revisions, even though you specify you only offer 1. Then you see the job is accepted and you are invited to leave a review to buyer. But now you CAN’T see what they left you unless you leave one too (!?!) So if I say “buyer insisted on weird stuff and was asking for too much without ordering extras” and then I see he gave me a 5-star, I feel like I’ve done something bad. What just happened to me is I left a 5 star rating to a buyer who didn’t even know what he wants, I designed 16 product labels for him, and I did several changes (it was a nightmare). Still I said “it was a cool project, thanks”, I left 5 stars. Only THEN I was able to see that he actually left me 3 stars. He was pissed that I finally TOLD HIM THAT HE CAN’T ASK FOR SO MANY REVISIONS, accepted the gig and gave a bad review. And my review to him is great. Nice one again Fiverr. Every time I think you can’t do anything more illogical and unreasonable, you surprise me by throwing sellers in a deeper pit. If I leave a bad review to an unreasonable buyer, he will never buy from me again. And if I don’t, I may find myself leaving a 5 star review to a 2 star he left me. (and I can’t change it, or explain to people, potential buyers, that I’ve actually OVERDELIVERED to a spoiled, unreasonable buyer who wants everything for nothing)

What is written with faded words in box where you write our review? I don’t remember the exact wording but it is something like “share your experience”. Personally, I never looked at what is buyer’s review. That’s something happened to him during order. My job is to write what I have experienced. My regular buyer left me a 4.5Stars review just because outcome was not according to what his expectations and at the same time my experience was 5Stars because what i experienced with him was really deserving 5Stars. A buyer gave me 5Stars but mine was 3Stars due to what i experienced with him was deserving only 3Stars.
Be honest in your reviews, dont do like what fake people are doing to exchange 5stars only :slight_smile:

Welcome to the new feedback review system. You will find many topics on the issue if you use the search function on the forum.

It seems like your buyer left a review based on the quality of work overall.

Feedback: I choose this Seller because of the good ratings for chalk drawings. But in the end the files look more computer-animated then chalk drawn.

Next time you should consider sending a gig extra for additional revisions as indicated in your gig extras so you get payed for the extra work you put in.

You have the phrase “Digitizing of your graphics” in your gig description but consider adding it into your package as well.

You didn’t do anything wrong so don’t blame yourself. The buyer clearly missed your gig description.

I still liked your reply to the hidden feedback :+1: very professional :wink:


Yes, but no one will see that I’ve Overdelivered with 2 different concepts. First I designed a whole thing from scratch, then he had changes which I’ve done. Then he came back with some vector graphic he wanted to use as template (since he saw it someplace). I did everything again, using his template, he kept asking for revisions. I explained that I’ve already done way too many since there is 1 revision that comes standard with a gig. All in all I’ve done almost 20 designs for this guy who will use them commercially, on a package. He’s happy with them, but he is pissed because I told him I won’t do more minor changes (such people come back and request changes on things they screwed - like text, colors requested, etc). That’s something that has to be properly delivered upon ordering. I even told him that I don’t like using other templates in my designs, since I am an original artist and I am proud of that fact. But he insisted, and it was a solid order. I wish I was able to go back to my review and modify it, at least to explain potential buyers that it was not my fault. His review has nothing to do with the look of my images, they are NOT digitized, it’s all tablet / drawn and sketched, then colorized. But Fiverr’s rules are that I don’t get to even say that anywhere, which is what makes it frustrating.