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Cant see the buyer requests!

I cant see buyer requests anybody knows whats the problem ?
i am new seller here and i have made 5 gigs still cant see any requests.


Try to create per gig at unique category, do not put all your gig in one category try to put different category,
Mean in graphics designing like vector tracing, logo design, Photoshop Editing,
Then you will get much buyer request…

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i have different gigs hope i can see them soon

Try to see buyer request in different times, during 12 to 1 PM
8 PM 11 AM 4 AM.It will help.


Once you reach level 1 you’ll be able to see hundreds of requests. Meanwhile, keep refreshing the buyer request page throughout the day and make sure to submit excellent proposals.

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If someone create any request in your gig category, then you find this request in buyer request. If don’t, then you don’t see.
Can you understand?

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Thankyou everyone for your suggestions.