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Can't seem to get a graphic


Ordered from three people so far. One said they could do it, asked a bunch of questions, said they were working on it and then cancelled it saying they only do positive messages. One has never responded to me. The other is suppose to be working on it but I’ve not heard back since they asked for additional information and I provided it.

It isn’t a difficult graphic but apparently everyone I choose so far just is flaky.


What is up with graphic design gigs? It feels like we’ve got a bunch of threads from people that have had bad experiences with graphic design gigs lately. Is it just that people who are happy with their designs and their sellers don’t come to the forum to talk about it, or that people who are upset with other kinds of gigs don’t come to the forum to talk about it?

I know there are good graphic designers on this website that have great customer service. I’m sorry everyone you’ve tried to work with so far has been a flake!


Reply to @emasonwrites: I think it is like you said. I remember taking a marketing class in college and they said people is eager to complaint after a bad experience with family and friends (that would include forums now) but not many people will go out of their way to share a positive experience.

On the other had, I think that is why there is a rating system in Fiverr. I don’t think the those designers will have a lot of positive feedback if they behave like that.

Reply to @uncarved: I’m cuorious about that reply you got “they only do positive messages”. Is there anything “negative” about your design that would justify that?


Reply to @diegus: That’s what I wondered, too! Like, what could be so negative that someone would say it was too negative to work on?

I think you’re right–people are more likely to complain than they are to praise. It just seems like graphic design work has been a vortex for bad press recently.


my design is a suture background with the words “Stitched with Good intentions”. Draw the positive or negative on that as you see fit. Me? I don’t see negativity in that.