Cant seem to respond to other user's messages (RESOLVED)



So, someone messaged me (inside the fiverr website. not the forum) and there isnt an option to reply back, anyone familiar with this?


It might be a technical glitch. Clear your browser history or try a different browser. If that doesn’t solve the issue you may want to contact customer support.


The user might have been reported for spamming other users that blocked all the messages send by that user. Do you see a message like “Submit an unspam request…” at the bottom?


Submit an unspam request isnt there, I will try a different browser and see if the problem resolves on it’s own. Thank you for looking into the matter with me thusfar! :slight_smile:


A different browser also did not resolve the matter, I simply am not able to reply to a message, not to one other user but to every user it seems. Very weird bug.


As seen from my interface; I hope someone is able to figure out what could be wrong.


I don’t suppose someone might have reported you?

It might just be a bug though.


I have no idea, I guess someone could have reported me… very strange situation though.


Still not resolved. Anyone knows a solution?


Maybe if you didn’t harass people through their inbox they wouldn’t block you. Just a guess?


Maybe if your sister didnt look as much like you, you could still use Fiverr :wink: Just a guess?


What does my sister’s appearance have to do with me being on Fiverr? Lol


Why would I harass sane people through user messaging? Lol


Cleared by Fiverr Customer Service, fast response and thank you for resolving this matter. Topic Closed.