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Can't select a gig manually in mobile apps on buyer request!

We can select a gig manually in web version in buyer request. But, in mobile apps, there is no option to select gig manually and it automatically selects the wrong gig. Thats why I can’t apply for most job by mobile apps.


If you want to send offer from mobile, the buyer when create offer he select a category. If you have that related or that category gig that will be select automatically. Suppose I am a buyer I need a banner design for my business website but when i am creating a offer i am select the logo and cover photo design category, You have a gig of logo category and other have facebook banner category if you want to send offer in my request then you will see your two gig and select a gig and then you can send me offer.
I think it’s clear if you want to know more click the fiverr support.
fiverr support

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Thanks for your kind information and I have already noticed that. Sometimes, buyer selecting the wrong category. But it’s not a problem in the web version, because we can choose it here manually. But, when we are in the mobile apps, it selects automatically but can’t change it anymore. Fiverr app developer should keep an option to change it manually. Thanks.

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App is mostly for quick messages, I wouldn’t do anything serious with it.

If it’s really not possible for you to use a laptop/desktop computer to send offers to BR, you can try doing it from a mobile browser instead of app.


Thanks for your valuable comment. I always try to use my laptop. But sometimes when I am in outside find some Buyer Request that should apply and the app takes the wrong gig. Ya, I have tried in the mobile browser and used the “request desktop site” feature, but I can’t find the “Buyer Request” option there. Thanks!