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Can't sell any Gig in a few weeks

I’m new on fiverr platform.
For about few weeks i’m trying to sell anything and you know what?
My graphics are not the problem, problem is my Gig have 62 Responds and 2 clicks
How is that even Possible?
It’s not logo type or easy banner to make where 120,000 sellers are.
Its Vector tracing style
IDK what to do
You cant sell anything to anyone i evry single platform becouse you don’t have raiting
How can i have raiting when nobody see my profile, and nobody will send messege to me about graphics?
Please give me some advice i really dont know what to do.
In my country we have 3 websites where you can find potencial client but one client have TEN or more graphics who will send him project.
I guess in 2021 its impossible to start something new, something diffrent because clients need The cheepest and the greatest graphic for only 2$ or lower.
On Polish Websites People are desperate and sell YT Miniatures, Banners for only 2 zł
2 Polish złoty is like 0,6 US Dollar
Give me some advice what to do
Here is my Gig

Try Fiverr anywhere it might help you.:slightly_smiling_face:

I was sending messages in upwork 0 Reaction
Sharing Fiverr in FB posts 0 Reaction
Im very disappointed
On YouTube many people talks “500$ Per Day ect ect”
And you think “Yeah i will try make 500$ in First Month”
A few weeks later 2 clicks, 4 clicks on your 3 Gigs…
If cicks will be okay i will think my graphics sucks and do more graphics with other style but it’s not the problem i think
Algorythm is weird

Create more gigs and for each of your gigs target a category of persons like:

I will make your youtube banners and thumbnail
I will make your business design
I will make your brand logo

Also, you should show more work that you have made, you only have 1 photo per gig which are… not convincing at all, it looks quite poor (no offense) but if you want to be attractive you need to be very eye catchy instantly during the first impression when someone sees your cover.
And then there is the gig SEO and tag words, watch tutorials on youtube about it there are some technics to choose the rights one.

I was watching yesterday 4 wideos or more what im doing wrong
Title was changed, descrpition was edited, tags was edited.
In Vector tracing you might be right with this spiderMan graphic, arms ar not good as i wanted to be.
But look on this ads, in my opinion its maybe not the greatest but i dont want for them 50 $ or more.
Other sellers do copy paste, i have seen wideos like “do 50 graphics and edit only background, and sell 10000 copies” it’s not fair in my opinion with client but they sell many copies idk why.

The thing is that you don’t show a lot about your portfolio, when i compare your packages of your gig: I will draw unique vector illustrations for you.

Gig presentation talks about doing illustration in showing a draw and vectors, and then in packages you made different tasks like drawing banners and business card which have nothing to do with the original presentation, and where are those banners and business card examples ?

You should change your gigs and upgrade your commercial strategies.
If i was a buyer i would be lost.

I wanted to add logos, but i have seen wideos where poeple show how many do logos, and i give up with banners and logos, maybe i should delete this and create new one?
Title was changed a few days ago but i link you can see logos and banners idk how to change it
I just delete this Gig and create new one like you said with this SEO technics

Yes, delete all and restart because when you change a gig title, it doesn’t change the URL name in the link and mess up your gig.

Also about presentation here is what i mean:

This, looks quite poor for a logo designer.

And here is where i would go if i wanted a logo because it’s very attractive and eyes catchy, do you see what i mean ?

It’s my first time doing e-commerce selling, year ago i was working in marketing but i was selling internet and other stuff like that.
You show me now i have to read or watch films with e-marketing i guess.
I’m not the best in this maybe.

You’re right
I need to do much more

Unfortunatly everything has to be perfect if you wanna grow a business on fiverr, you are in a competitive niche where the most talented people will have sells, this is how it works.
It’s a lot of self questioning, we were all like this when we started, doing medium work and then searching how to improve.

Now I know what to do, im very glad :slight_smile:
Okay so im gonna start from now and i will upload my new Gigs when i end graphics ect ect.
Thank you

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