Can't sell first gig


Just started out on fiverr and im finding it extremely difficult to attract buyers.i dont know what i’m doing wrong and no one will view my page. Can you guys pls give me some tips and tricks on how i can imporve my gig.


I’m new too,but as I’ve seen so far:
-Use a good title,look at other gigs that offer similar things as yours does and try to see what they have and what you don’t in your title
-Use good tags
-Good description
-Good gallery
I’ve been trying to do these with my gig and today finally changed it,hope I’ll sell
(I only sold one gig and got a 5 star review so that’s something I guess)


Thank u for the tips but what do u mean by good tags exactly?


You really need a better profile pic as well. Preferably a real picture of you, a unique logo or something else unique to you. If you won’t use a picture of yourself, at least don’t use Michael Jackson or any other major celebrity (living or not.)

Among other things it makes you seem very distant from buyers. Buyers want to get a feel for who they are doing business with, and though know that isn’t you. Good luck.




You are welcome, although I see that you have ignored some or all of the advice given. That’s unfortunate if you wanted to make some money on Fiverr, but it is your choice.


Can you check my two gigs “Optimize Wordpress Website” and “Create Wordpress Website” and tell if it looks good to attract new buyers.
Your feedback and suggestions matter a lot to me. Thank you very much.


Hey Guys,
I wanna to getting help from you about why my gig isn’t sold. Please, someone, check my profile and gigs to help me.
Much obliged,