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Can't Send Any Files Help!

Holy hell, this is frightening. None of my files are being delivered. Tried multiple times and I even have it on Video. I am literally shaking right now.

Made like 5 deliveries (same order) none of them went through. The files or message is just not being sent. Have it on Video from the first try.

Can’t upload the video here, should I upload to YouTube and share here?


All deliveries just popped up out of nowhere. I am just as confused as I am relieved. This is not ok.


The entire site is super slow, it’s taking minutes for messages to go through. Just got a message from a buyer but it’s not appearing.


Please contact customer support to make sure they are aware of the issue.


There seems to a delay of 20 minutes on everything. Those that have delivered orders please check again after a few minutes and see whether they pop-up.

Looks like Fiverr is aware of the issue.


try to upload to dropbox and share link for now…

we are all facing some inbox related issue too, so there may be something wrong with fiverr messaging system these days…they will fix it soon - I hope.

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This is not on the inbox but rather the delivery page. Can’t make deliveries and messages aren’t going through

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thats what I said…the same thing may effecting every where…although I did delievery yesterday and that worked well…you should contact CS !

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i cant deliver order
when i upload files and click on “deliver work” - nothing happen


Maybe it will settle quickly, it can be a mistake that is giving the page that does not allow to send the information.

Yeah, give it a minute. They’ll pop-up in a minute or two.

That’s what happened to me at least.

or also some social networks have blocked the option to transfer files, audios, photos, etc. to prevent the spread of images of a massacre carried out yesterday.

And messages in order page not working

Yep, they aren’t nothing is going through which scared me.

when i deliver i dont see images, its like empty delivery
my customer close the order
i hope i will not ban for empty delivery
coz its bugging fiverr mistake

Take screenshots and images just in case.

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I think it’s happening to everyone because I am trying to send some message to my buyer but it is not sent.
Don’t know why it’s happening.

Contact customer support to let them know.

it happened before… if you check your account from your mobile device you’ll see that the files were actually delivered… it’s that stupid bug again…

i need deliver my order but that bugging fiverr still cant fix it
so angry
and i cant deliver images in chat
i cant do anything
And customer support also dont tell anything on my two requests

SAME problem here!!! I delivered the order and files are not uploading!!! Im freaking out

hopefully no one gets banned…

Same here, this is really messing me up.