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Can't Send Any Files Help!


That was thoughtful of the buyer to let you know he got them.

I’m always very appreciative when I have a nice buyer like this.


I asked that he confirm after my last delivery attempt.

It was a big order and we already had 2 messages disappear/get delayed which overall would lead him to think that I was ignoring him or attempting to scam him. - At least that’s what I would think if I received two deliveries saying "I know your files might not be here but it’s a bug, honestly…"


I had to say that to a buyer and I could tell he thought I was being playing with him or something. I’m sitting on an order I need to deliver so that I can finally go to bed. I’ve been awake so long my heads killing me.


Something is definitely buggy with fiverr today. I am sending messages on the order page but I am not seeing the replies on the order page.My client messaged me and fortunately I was able to read what she wrote via a notification and responded


I am having a similar issue. I have order requirements for one of my gigs which I received an order for. I sent a message to the buyer from the order page asking them to fill out requirements and suddenly the page stated “order requirements skipped”. After I panicked for a hot minute the order requirements suddenly popped up. After this, I messaged the buyer with a follow up question because their instructions weren’t completely clear to me and I am hoping they are seeing the messages. In the case that they do not receive my requests I am trying to figure out how I would request an extension on the delivery time as it is a 2-day turnaround time and I do not have everything I need in order to get started.


It appears that they do see our messages. Any delay is on the seller’s side and also it now seems to be fixed for a lot of people.


I’m about to make a delivery so I’ll confirm whether it’s fixed or not. Let’s hope it is.


That is a major relief. Sounds like you are saying they may have replied and I am just having a delay in receiving the message? Thank you for always being a voice of reason here misscrystal.


Thanks for the compliment, but it makes me laugh. I’m not always very coherent.


On another off topic note, on my gigs at least, the amount of orders in my caches is again over inflated.

The only way I can think that this is possible is if I am seeing what they looked like two days ago, when this was happening. Since then they got it fixed.

Did they correct the delayed message problem by turning back the server to a previous time?


Delivered an order with 6 files and it went through ok. Looks like it’s getting fixed.

Orders are also coming through without any issues.


Here too. Delivery went through just fine. :slight_smile:

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