Can't send offer in buyer request section. What should I do now?


I do a job and deliver it. I do it in my best and i deliver that with extra four designs. Then my buyer get happy about it. Then she gave me good feed back and pay me 5$ tip also But she rated me as 3.7. So now in buyer section field says i couldn’t send any offers because I have not rated 90% positive rating. So what i do now?


You can market and promote your gig to bring in your own targeted customers. Every business in the world needs to do this to build their customer base. You can do this too.


Yeah. Thank you jonbass. But can’t be my rating will affect to my business


Then you’re going to have to find a way of making more sales, so that you can earn positive reviews, and improve your rating.


That’s right
Thank you Jonbaas