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Can't Send offers

Hi friends, I have bit problem. It’s I done my first order and now i can’t send buyer request. show something like attachment up the page. How can I fix this? HELP ME PLEASE…

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You have to deliver work that is better rated by your buyers. Once your estimate is above the 90% again you can start sending offers in the Buyers Request section again. That’s all.


Well, don’t be angry or offended, but if I’m honest, you were really unlucky with your first buyer or you screw up your first order. :wink: At least first 5 orders are most critical in your Fiverr career as Buyer Requests are, at least when you’re new, the main pool of potential new clients and one bad review can lower your rating under 90%. :wink: When you have rating under 90% you can’t send offers in BR section, but you have to raise your rating with other clients (those who find your gigs via search or advertising your gigs outside of platform).

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Ok.:anguished: I understood. Thanks both of you

@matevzs1 can we request review from last buyer…?

He gave you his review, but it was not 5 stars that’s why you got under 90% rating. I know it’s weird system, but one order with even 4 stars can slower your career a lot here.

I personally don’t like asking or answering why I gave specific review, but you could try politely asking and if he changes his mind, you can click somewhere “Request buyer to change his review” or something like that :slight_smile:

Ok @matevzs1. I will try and thank you for your help…:relieved:

Hi , please after delivering an order can I ask the buyer to give me a positive rating if he likes my work . because I saw on the internet it’s not right to ask for reviews