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Can't set desired Gig Image as Primary! Anyone facing this?

I’ve set this image as Primary in one my gigs:

But after saving, this is what seen on Fiverr:


First I thought, it might take some time to get saved in their server. But 24 hours over, still the wrong image is seen as Primary. So, I doubt it’s a bug. Have reported this to CS. Waiting for their reply.

Meanwhile, anyone faced this issue? Is it normal?


Hello @josephvm ,

i faced the same issue and i could say that that’s normal.

Have you tried to delete all the images and re-upload the images in the sequence you would like them to be shown?


That will work for sure. But is it not weird to delete them all, when there is such a “drag & drop to Primary” option! Why are they not fixing it?

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Yes, they have the “drag and drop” feature but it doesn’t work at all. I found that reupload all the gig images will solve the problem, and i think i don’t need another workaround.

Maybe Fiverr hasn’t recognize if there’s an issue with the feature.
Sending them a suggestion will be a good idea if you would like to get it fixed :grinning:

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Already reported to them. Waiting for their reply. I’d love to see it fixed.


Try this might help you.

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It’s now April 2019 and this is still a problem. Needs to be fixed!


2021 June, bug continues LOL