Can't set paypal account


Hi everyone, thanks for visiting!
i have a problem, I’m new in fiver, join here for 3 months. i have get and finished a few order. Now i want to withdraw my money, but when i’ll set my paypal account, there is a notification that said my network connection is in trouble. whereas my connection is fine. i didn’t get the code message and can’t entered it. i have try repeatedly but that notification always appear. I have try to asked support center but no answer yet.
Please, somebody help me, tell me how to fix it!


The best option is to contact customer support.
They will help you.


I’ve done, but no answer.


It takes time. They usually answer within 24-48 hours
Unfortunately No one can help you here. Only them can check your account.


Ok, ill try to be patient. Thanks for your help and support @armer


You are welcome :wink:


I think you should contact CS and they will surely figure that out for you :slight_smile: