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Can't Share Gigs Using Firefox

I prefer to use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser, though I do use Chrome on occasion, but I’m not a huge fan.
I was trying to use the “share gig” feature but all that would happen when pressing the button is the page would go a little darker and that’s it, I click anywhere and I’m just back to the normal page, tried this multiple times using multiple methods of sharing the gig, same result every time. This was on Firefox
I go over to Chrome, login to Fiverr from there and I can share easily.
I know Chrome is the most popular browser and all but please, for people like me who really don’t like personal data being tracked and sold 24/7, make the share option actually work on Firefox.


Firefox blocks popups by default. Check if any button appears near the address bar after you click share.

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I do not receive any indication that a popup had been blocked, but just in case I have allowed popups for Fiverr through browser settings to no avail.